Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Servers, Improved Security


Several services of are running on brand new servers. Here's a quick overview:

- Multiple IBM x3400 servers with Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors (seperated web server and database server)
- Each server contains multiple SAS HDDs with RAID for redundancy
- Servers are hosted in Data Park which is located in the heart of the city
- Servers get 40 Gbit/s domestic bandwidth and 6 Gbit/s of international bandwidth
- Availability of electric current: 99,999 %
- Guaranteeing of regulated temperature: 99,999 %
- Availability of Internet connection: 99,5%

See some pictures at the end of the post.


All client and operator pages are using SSL 128-bit data encryption to protect user's data.

IT'S STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO UPDATE YOUR ROUTER'S FIRMWARE to enable https connections on the end user pages.

To do this, just log in to your router's admin panel and run the setup command of the location. If you'd like to manually update the settings, you'll need to change http:// to https:// 2 times in the router's admin page. Go to Administration > HotSpot or Services > Hotspot, and

1. Find the line:
Redirect URL>

2. Find the Line:
Additional Chillispot Options> uamhomepage
CHANGE IT TO: uamhomepage

Then press SAVE. The router will reboot and you're done.

Here're some pictures of the new servers: