Wednesday, October 22, 2008

User Search

We've added a new feature to the Operator Area: User Search.

You can search users and see whether their account is valid or expired, see their registration details and all time usage.

You can also search Voucher codes to find out, if the Voucher code is still valid (is not activated), or activated but not used, used and still valid or expired.

You don't have to enter the full username, name, email or transaction id, you can do partial searches.

Why is this useful? There are several cases where this feature is important.

1. If a user has problems and there is a help desk at the location, they can check the user out
2. If the customer writes an email or talks to the operator via phone, the operator can easily trace the user
3. If the location sell vouchers, and someone returns with a voucher saying it's not working, they can easily check the voucher code

etc, etc.

This feature is also working for Secondary Operators.