Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bookkeeping of your Hotspot Income

It's a new year so it's time to close your last year's accounting.

Probably most of you followed local bookkeeping and tax rules but we thought we send you some basic information regarding this. However credit card transactions happen automaticaly, you should book these transactions and should pay your tax according to your country's rules.

You can view all your transactions on your operator page, you can export them too so you can easily keep track of your sales anytime.
Your gross hotspot income should be booked before deducting any charges.

Let's see an example: someone bought an access for 4.90, you should book this item in your books with the value of 4.90. Value added tax (VAT) is
different in every country so for example if VAT exists in your country and let's say it's 10% you should book 0.45 as VAT and 4.45 as net income.
This is not the amount that you receive because we deduct 30% transaction fee so you should also book the 30% transaction fee as an expense.

So in a country where the vat is 10% and you sold an access for 4.90:

User paid: 4.90
Net income: 4.45
VAT: 0.45 (10% of net value)
Expense: 1.47 (hotspotsystem fee)

You will receive the gross amount (sale value minus fee) from us, VAT and profit tax should be paid by you to your local tax authority.
In case of prepaid card sale you should follow these same rules however your expense is the cost of the prepaid vouchers.
For those who need official invoice from our company to book your expenses invoices can be downloaded from your operator admin page under payouts menu.