Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monthly Recurring Subscriptions

From now on you can create a monthly custom package with recurring payments.

This is very useful if you have long-term paying customers.

All you have to do is to select the "Recurring payment" option on the Create or Modify Custom Package page. Then your splash page will change automatically and the package will show "recurring payment" text so your users can easily identify that the amount will be charged in every month.

Your users can cancel the subscription any time on Worldpay's or PayPal's website, or we can cancel it for them too. Our refund policy says:

"If you have paid for HotSpot access through the system or paid for a service, you have right to cancel within seven days of the purchase in case you haven't used the service that you've paid for. If you cancel your order, you will have your payment returned."

So if a customer forgets to cancel the subscription, he/she can cancel it within 7 days and we will refund the amount of the last charge, if he/she didn't use the account during that period.

One more thing: credit card companies don't charge recurring users on an exact time when 1 month expires. So to ensure continuos hotspot access, users will get 1 month access until the end of the day. For example if they buy the monthly access at 13:00 PM on 26th March, 2009, they will have access until 23:59PM on 26th April, 2009. Their card will be charged at some time on 26th, April 2009 which will add an other month for them.

Recurring option is available only with monthly packages.