Monday, June 8, 2009

New Skin is available for Splash Pages

A new skin has been released in the Control Center which can be used for Wi-Fi Start (Splash) pages.

The new Skin is called "Generic / Green", it's "Generic" because it is suitable for all kind of locations, and it's "Green" because there are green circles in the package selection pages.

What's new in this Skin?

- Much cleaner and fresh design which replaces the old one that we've been using for 3 years
- More informal: Bandwidth and traffic limits are clearly visible
- Advanced data verification with ajax: Username and other registration data are checked in real-time against our database which helps users to fill out the registration form more easily
- Easily readable on Wi-Fi phones
- Works perfectly with IE, Firefox, Safari

IMPORTANT: We will change the Skin automatically at the end of the week for ALL OPERATORS who are using the default skin now. If you wish to stay with the old design, please send us a Help Desk ticket.

For those who are using a customized skin, there will be no changes (you can change to the new design manually).

You can change the Skin in the Control Center if you Modify Hotspot Location / Splash Page Settings.

We're planning more Skin releases in the future, more color options will be coming for the Generic Skin, and we will release type-specific Skins too for hotels, campgrounds, etc.

Check out how the new Skin looks like here!

The new Skin release is the second step of a 3 steps process of our entire site redesign.