Thursday, July 9, 2009

Featured Client: Beach Road Hotel, Cambodia

From time to time we introduce some of our clients. This month's featured client is Beach Road Hotel in Cambodia with white sand beaches, beautiful nature and great nightlife. Here're some photos of the location:

They have also printed "Wi-FI Internet Hotspot by" to a large banner:

About the installation:

Buffalo is controlling everything, it's in the office, so cat5 is going to
bar/reception area where's small d-link ap and other one goes to big antenna where's big d-link ap and big antenna, we also plan to put couple of ap-s to the back of the hotel area, so everything is filled, because big antenna makes pretty much black hole where it is, but in the mean time it's working well around the hotel, like 500m from hotel is pretty good reception, so all the ap-s have same SSID called BEACH ROAD HOTEL.

And what do they say about our system?

HotSpotSystem Rocks!
We tried different services before, bought also separate pc system for controlling the internet, but nothing really worked better than hotspotsystem, as long you have internet for sale you're on board...

Thanks Tarmo for the photos, detailed explanation and testimonal.

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