Friday, November 20, 2009

Full NZD support

NOTE: We are continuously updating this article in our Knowledgebase.

NZD is now fully supported. Wi-Fi Hotspot Operators from New Zealand can accept payments in NZD and will be paid out in NZD without currency exchange conversions.

So as of today the following currencies are fully supported with direct credit card payments and PayPal:

USD - U.S. Dollar
EUR - Euro
GBP - British Pound
AUD - Australian Dollar
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
SEK - Swedish Krone
HUF - Hungarian Forints

Operators using these currencies can accept payments using RBS Worldpay and PayPal in these currencies and will be paid out in the same currency.

Also, the following currencies are available for direct credit card transactions and/or PayPal:

BRL : Brazilian Real **
BWP - Botswana Pula **
CAD - Canadian Dollar
CHF - Swiss Franc
CZK - Czech Koruna *
DKK - Danish Krone *
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar *
HRK - Croatian Kuna **
IDR - Indonesian Rupiah **
ILS - Israeli New Shekel *
JPY - Japan Yen *
MYR - Malaysian Ringgit **
MXN - Mexican Peso *
NOK - Norwegian Krone
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
PHP : Philippine Peso *
PLN - Polish Zloty *
SGD - Singapore Dollar *
THB - Thai Baht
TWD : New Taiwan Dollar *
ZAR - South African Rands **

*Customers can only pay via PayPal only (they can also use their credit cards via PayPal), direct credit card payments are only available after purchasing the additional currency
**PayPal is not available for this currency, but users can pay by credit cards directly for payments

Please note that while you're able to accept payment in different currencies, direct credit card payments via RBS WorldPay will be paid out in U.S. dollars (except for EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, HUF and SEK which are paid out in their native currency). Currency conversion is done by RBS Worldpay using their daily exchange rates.

The following additional currencies are available to use with RBS WorldPay by request:

AED : United Arab Emirates Dirham
ANG : Netherlands Antilles Guilder
AOK : Angolan New Kwanza
ARS : Argentine Peso
AWG : Aruban Guilder
AZM : Azerbaijanian Manat
BBD : Barbados Dollar
BDT : Bangladesh Taka
BGN : Bulgarian Lev
BHD : Bahraini Dinar
BMD : Bermudian Dollar
BND : Brunei Dollar
BOB : Bolivian Boliviano
BSD : Bahamian Dollar
BZD : Belize Dollar
CLP : Chilean Peso
CNY : Chinese Yuan Renminbi
COP : Colombian Peso
CRC : Costa Rican Colon
CYP : Cyprus Pound
CZK : Czech Koruna
DKK : Danish Krone
DOP : Dominican Peso
DZD : Algerian Dinar
ECS : Ecuador Sucre
EEK : Estonian Kroon
EGP : Egyptian Pound
ERN : Eritrean Nafka
ETB : Ethiopian Birr
GIP : Gibraltar Pound
GNF : Guinea Franc
GTQ : Guatemalan Quetzal
GYD : Guyana Dollar
HKD : Hong Kong Dollar
HNL : Honduran Lempira
ILS : Israeli Shekel
INR : Indian Rupee
IQD : Iraqi Dinar
IRR : Iranian Rial
ISK : Iceland Krona
JMD : Jamaican Dollar
JOD : Jordanian Dinar
JPY : Japanese Yen
KES : Kenyan Shilling
KRW : South Korean Won
KWD : Kuwaiti Dinar
KYD : Cayman Islands Dollar
KZT : Kazakhstan Tenge
LBP : Lebanese Pound
LKR : Sri Lanka Rupee
LSL : Lesotho Loti (Maloti)
LTL : Lithuanian Litas
LVL : Latvian Lats
LYD : Libyan Dinar
MAD : Moroccon Dirham
MGF : Malagasy Franc
MKD : Macedonian (FYR) Denar
MTL : Maltese Lira
MUR : Mauritius Rupee
MVR : Maldives Rufiyaa
MWK : Malawi Kwacha
MXN : Mexico Peso
NAD : Namibian Dollar
NGN : Nigerian Naira
NIO : Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro
NPR : Nepalese Rupee
OMR : Omani Rial
PAB : Panamanian Balboa
PEN : Peruvian Nuevo Sol
PHP : Philippine Peso
PKR : Pakistan Rupee
PLN : Polish New Zloty
PYG : Paraguayan Guarani
QAR : Qatari Rial
ROL : Romanian Leu
RON : New Romanian Lei
RUB : Russian Ruble
SAR : Saudi Riyal
SCR : Seychelles Rupee
SDP : Sudanese Pound
SGD : Singapore Dollar
SIT : Slovenian Tolar
SKK : Slovak Koruna
SLL : Sierra Leone Leone
SRG : Suriname Guilder
SVC : El Salvador Colon
SYP : Syrian Pound
SZL : Swaziland Lilangeni
TND : Tunisian Dinar
TRY : New Turkish Lira
TTD : Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TWD : New Taiwan Dollars
TZS : Tanzanian Shilling
UAH : Ukrainian Hryvnia
UYU : Uruguayan Peso
VEB : Venezuela Bolivar
VND : Viet Nam Dong
XCD : East Caribbean Dollar
YER : Yemeni Rial
YUM : Yugoslavian New Dinar
ZMK : Zambian Kwacha
ZWD : Zimbabwe Dollar

Please note the following:
- Some of the above currencies may no longer be avaialble.
- Each additional acquistion currency has a one time setup fee of 50 USD.

If you'd like to accept payments in a currency that is listed above, then contact us.