Friday, February 12, 2010

Changes on Locations Page

Several new features has been added to the Locations page which you can access from the Manage menu.

1. We have rewritten the code which generated the Locations page, so it should be much faster now.

2. You can now see the exact number of logged in users on all of your routers, including WDS routers! The first number besides each router icon represents the number of users who bought an access on that specific location and the access is still valid. The second number is the number of users who are logged in to that specific router, including roaming users and master accounts.

If you are using multiple locations, your users can roam between your locations (f.e. if they bought an access in location #1, they can log in to location #2, etc). This can be turned off in Manage > Locations > click on name > Modify Hotspot Data > Set Default Limits.

So if you see something like 1/2, then it's not a bug in the system, because it means that 1 user has bought an access in that location which is still valid, but maybe there are roaming users or master accounts logged in to that router.

3. Last activity can also be seen if you place your mouse over the chart which represents the router's current load OR if your router is not sending life signals (for example Mikrotik or Mesh routers) you can now see the last activity date instead of "DOWN". Last activity date is the date of last communication with the router (login date, logout date or accounting updates)