Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Feature: Allowing simultaneous access from more than 1 device

In our system all accesses can only be used from 1 device simultaneously (sharing of account is not allowed), until now.

Now it is possible to create custom packages that can be used up to 5 devices simultaneously. This can be set in Customize > Packages menu.

Please note that this means that a user who buys this package will use up to 5 times more bandwidth AND up to 5 times more data traffic. However this option is not recommended with traffic limit packages, because it can be confusing for users. Let's see an example:

User buys a package for 1 hour valid for 2 devices with 100MB traffic limit. User logs in from the first devices, router will allow 100 MB of usage. After then the user logs in from the second device with the same account, the router will allow 100 MB, because there were no usage on the account yet. If the user stays logged in from both devices, he can use 100+100 MB. However, after downloaded 50 MB, the user logs out from the first device, then logs back in, all usage on the ACCOUNT will be summarized and deducted, so the sum of usage on BOTH DEVICES will be deducted from the original 100MB, so the user won't be able to use another 50MB, because the usage of the second device will also be deducted.


We are now using a 3-line display if a package is valid for more than 1 device. In this case '' template will be used instead of when displaying the package. Previous behavior was different, because '' was used if a package used other limits than the location's default limits.

Please revert your files according to that, if you modified those templates.

Under limits, "Valid for x devices" text will be visible. Currently this is displayed in english in every language, please help us with tranlations.