Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Special Ubiquiti AirOS Firmware with embedded Hotspot Portal

We have released a new firmware for Ubiquiti 802.11 access points which is one of the most stable solutions to date.

Now you can use your Ubiquiti AP as not just an AP which has to be connected to a Hotspotsystem supported device, you can use it as a real Hotspot AP! The best thing is that you can keep the original functionality of your APs as this firmware was built from the original AirOS, but we have added a very important functionality, the Hotspot Portal!

The installation is super simple, you just have to upgrade the firmware (for free as there are no license fees) and change your operator username, all other settings are built-in!

You can find a detailed guide here!

Currently the WDS functionality is in beta phase.