Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Features in the Control Center

We are working hard to give you new features, enhancements based on your feedbacks. Some of the latest improvements are:

- Voucher codes are now working without activation. This means that users can log in directly with a voucher code (as a username and password) without requiring them to activate it first. This makes the process much easier and less confusing. When they enter the code into the login box, the voucher is activating automatically and the user will be logged in without any interruption.

You can turn off the Voucher module if you want and tell your users to log in as a user with valid access. However the voucher box is still good because people will know that they can get a voucher, and some people may find it easier to enter the voucher code into the voucher activation box.

- Online help in the Control Center: when you see dotted lines, just leave your mouse over the line for a few moments, then a popup will appear with detailed help.

- Help Desk is now available from the Control Center. You can send us a support ticket directly from the Control Center. You can find the option in the Tools menu.