Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Router Alert for Mikrotik Routers

Great news if you are using Mikrotik, you can now use our Router Alert feature so you will know and notified when your router is down.

Go to System > Scheduler and add a new task by pressing the plus sign.

Name: up
Interval: 01:00:00

On Event:

/tool fetch mode=http address=tech.hotspotsystem.com src-path=("up.php?mac=".[/interface ethernet get 0 mac-address]."&nasid=".[/system identity get name]."&os_date=Mikrotik&uptime=".[/system clock get time]."%20up%20".[/system resource get uptime].",%20load%20average:%20".[/system resource get cpu-load]."%")

Policy: enable all

Press Apply and OK.