Thursday, June 23, 2011

Start Your Own Calling Card Service

When people are away from home they need a solution to call their friends or family on a cheap rate, because mobile roaming is an expensive thing. You can now offer them a possibility to buy calling cards from you which they can use to make cheap international phone calls.

How does it work?

You can set up a SIP gateway with your internet connection, connected to a landline phone which you can put at the reception. In the Control Center you can set what calling cards you would like to sell (for example cards worth 5 USD), then buy those cards from us, print them using our powerful printing tool and sell them to your users.

What is the business model?

We provide the system and pay for the calls. You provide the phone setup and bring the customer. We share the income so you get 50% and we get 50%.

How and when can I start the service?

You can start it right now. You can find a new menu in the Control Center, called "Calling Cards". You should start by going to our How to Start a Calling Cards Service page which provides all information, and the gateway setup guide.

Some notes:
- Calling cards can be used by any SIP software so customers can make phone calls using their own phone or laptop.
- If you connect the SIP Gateway to a hotspot router, the service will work without the need of having the users authenticate. This means that you can allow SIP calls with this service while users have to buy a hotspot access for all other activity on the internet.

Where there is a hotspot service running, chances are big that there is a need for this. So start your calling card service now and make your customers happy!