Tuesday, December 27, 2011


In January 2012 we will introduce a brand new hotspot type, called "HOTSPOT FREE SOCIAL" and we are very excited about it :)

With this solution you can give out free internet access to any customer who "LIKEs" your Facebook page. This is a very good tool to promote your business as ONE LIKE will spread out the word to HUNDREDS of other people too (all friends of each customer).

We are also working on an advanced version of Hotspot FREE Social which will request a permission from the user to allow you to post on their walls. Every time the customer wants to use your wi-fi, a customized message will be posted on their walls like "I am using the free Wi-Fi at Joe's place!".

Social marketing is becoming very important to all businesses and by using the combination of FREE Wi-FI and social media you can create the buzz for your business very quickly and effective.

The service will be available in January, 2012, starting from $9.90/month so stay tuned!