Monday, May 21, 2007

Become a HotSpot wholesale dealer

If you plan to offer our services to many clients, you can do this easily.

With our 'Secondary Logins' feature you can give access to the owner of the location so they can keep track of the transactions that may happen at their HotSpot.

We already have several partners (including ISPs) who make business with us and offer our services to their clients. They act as one global 'operator' and get 70% or more from the end user income (if they can do large amount of transactions with their clients it can be 75-80%). They give some commission to their clients where they install the system of course, but they can still make big money.

Most of them offer our service with additional benefits for the Operators, for example they give them a router for free (or they even pay for their internet access), then they keep most of the income, etc.

There are several business models that can work with your business, contact us and tell us your plans about how would you like to become a provider.