Thursday, May 17, 2007



this is our first blog entry here :)

From now on we'll post anything that is related to our company, technology improvements, feature addons, featured clients, etc.

Almost every blog has an introduction so here's ours:

Our company ( provides Wi-Fi HotSpot solutions for those who'd like to start their own Wi-Fi service. Currently we have 2 "products" called HotSpot FREE and HotSpot PRO. The main difference is that the FREE is for those who want to give internet for their customers for free, the other is for the paid version. All features of our products can be found on our website so i'm moving on the personal side. is operated by a bunch of talented young people who realized the demand of creating public Wi-Fi access points all over the world.

The picture above was shot on a Trade Show For The Hotel Industry in 2006, with some of the's team members.