Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3 tips to increase your HotSpot sales

TIP #1: SET UP A DESKTOP COMPUTER TO YOUR CLIENTS (Perfect for campgrounds, hotels, etc)

Don't think that HotSpot is a wireless only thing. There are a lot more people who don't have their own laptop than the ones who do. Why would you lose that traffic?

With our system you can easily set up a local computer and restrict internet usage just like you do wirelessly.

Last month we did a campground installation and set up two desktop computers at the reception. These were $100 computers, used ones, but powerful enough to run a web browser or Skype. We used a free operating system (Ubuntu) with Firefox so we saved some money on the OS too. We set the router to have paid LAN ports (it's 3 easy steps as written here ) , then set up a 30mins and a 1 hour package for that location. Since the internet is restricted by the router it works just like a laptop: people have to buy an access package before they can use the browser, Skype or MSN.

THE RESULT WAS A BOOM. We got a 80% increase in HotSpot sales.

We experienced that the perfect installation was using 2 routers, 2 locations, 1st was set up for desktop computers with short access packages, the other was set up for wireless users with longer access packages (we don't want someone to buy a 24 hour package and sit in front of the desktop computer all day, huh?)


If you have someone at your location who can give prepaid cards for end users, then use it. People will may have difficulties with their credit cards, so you can offer them access cards for cash. If you run a hotel you can give them access cards, then you can add the price of the card to their room bill.

You can easily buy prepaid cards from the Wi-Fi shop, after you fixed the end user prices of the cards.


The more coverage you have the more users can see and use your HotSpot. You can set up access points with WDS (wireless distribution system) so you don't need cables to connect the to the router. You only need power and that's it. They will receive the internet from the main router wirelessly and they will extend your coverage. You can combine them with more powerful external antennas.

More on this can be found here.