Wednesday, July 4, 2007

News for Operators

COMPANY CHANGES: As of 1st, July, HotSpot System Ltd. will begin to operate. This company will cover all areas that is related to End users will see HotSpot System /HotSpot System Ltd. on their billing pages and in their credit card statements. New company information is already visible on the Help Desk pages.

PAYPAL PAYOUT LIMITS DECREASED: We've a new PayPal payout policy. From now on we will transfer payouts to PayPal accounts if the amount has reached 20 USD.

NEW CURRENCIES AVAILABLE WITH WORLDPAY: As of 1st, July, new currencies will be available for WorldPay. These are: EUR, IDR and ZAR. These additional currencies will be available for use with WorldPay without any setup fee.
For those who are already accepting EUR with PayPal, WorldPay will be set up and TURNED ON automatically on 1st, July.

SPANISH LANGUAGE ACTIVATED: Start pages are now available in spanish. Information for HotSpot operators in spanish language are also available now on our web site.