Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Introducing Usage-Based Packages


We're introducing a new package type, called Usage-Based packages.

When a customer buys a Usage-Based package, the access will start from the first login and only logged-in minutes will count. User can logout and continue to use the internet later within the given expiration date. These type of packages usually have higher prices because unused minutes can be used later (within the given expiration date).

However - if possible - we still recommend to use our old package type (which is called Time-Based packages now). Here's why:

Usage-Based package requires more ‘knowledge’ from the user because he/she must learn how to logout properly. While we make efforts to make this simple to understand, there will be cases maybe when a user states that he logged out while the account shows the opposite. After 10 minutes of idle time we log out the user automatically, however it doesn’t certainly mean that the user will be logged out if he/she just close the browser window, because Windows and other operating systems are communicating with remote computers in the background (typical examples are Windows’ auto update system, or mail clients that check e-mails in every 5 minutes for example).

So this will raise more problems - use this only if you're sure that it is necessary.

All default packages remain 'Time-Based', so you have to define this usage-based package to use it. If you’re creating a Usage-Based package you also have to define how long the access will be valid, for example if you define a 1-hour Usage-Based Custom Package with a 1-week expiration it means that within 1 week the user can use the internet for 1 hour and only the logged-in minutes count (so he can log out and can 'pause' his usage).

You will also notice same changes in the Start pages reflecting to these changes.

If you need to help to your customers, we'll let you know the ways to log out:

- Click on the 'Logout' link in the popup
- Type 'exit' in the browser window - Start Page will be displayed, then click on the Logout link on the left side
- Type '' in the browser and click on the 'Logout' on the left side.


We decided to shorten the free trial period. 10 minutes were enough for lot of people to check mail and make some quick replies, so conversion was just not good enough. 5 minutes is enough to log in and check it it's working properly.


Be sure to download the new Operator Guide, we made a major upgrade on this so it is now containing all the features of the Operator Area in a pdf format.

Click here to download the Operator Guide