Thursday, August 9, 2007

News for Operators: Improved transactions list and CSV export


We have improved the transaction list so you will get a cleaner view of your transactions.

From the main page you will see the last 10 successful purchases and refunds only.
When you go to the 'Transactions' menu you can filter transactions by location and by the result of transactions.
You can also export this filtered list in a CSV format with all the important information you need, including transaction's and customer's details. We'll update the documentation of the Operator Area in the next few days so you'll get a detailed documentation of these new features.

Currently these filters are available in the 'Transactions' menu:

- Successful Purchases and Refunds
- Successful Credit Card Payments (this list will not show Pre-paid card activatios)
- Successful Pre-Paid Activations
- Free Trials
- Cancelled Purchases (when a user reached the payment page but cancelled the transaction)
- All Completed Transactions (this list includes all transactions which have been completed (successful purchases, free trials or cancelled purchases)
- All Completed+Not Completed Transactions (includes the list above + all transactions that haven't been completed, for example the user registered but never completed the payment for some reason (credit card was declined or the user didn't pushed the PAY NOW button, etc.)

The last was the default list that we used previously, but we called all transactions 'UNSUCCESSFUL' that were not completed. Please note that if a transaction was not completed it doesn't necessary mean that the user couldn't pay. Some of the possible reasons of not completed transactions:

- The user registers just to see how the system works and pays at a later time (sometimes he never reaches the payment page)
- The user's credit card is declined, then he comes back later and tries an other card
- The user re-registering instead of logging in with his previously registered username
- The user's cannot finish the transaction with PayPal (you can read more about PayPal's 'security' features here. )

So there are a lot of cases when some 'not finished' transactions are followed by a successful one which means the user could pay for the service successfully.


All of our reports and lists are in GMT +00:00 time. If you set your local time in the 'Settings' menu you can have the transactions displayed in your local time. GMT and local times are included in your exported CSV file, but please note that when you select a date period it will filter transactions based on GMT time.


You can now buy HotSpot In a Box and Pre-Paid cards in your own currency via Worldpay. If your currency is not available the amouns will be converted in USD.