Friday, September 21, 2007

Coupon System

We proudly present a new feature for Operators: The Coupon System.

You can now create your own unique coupon codes and offer them to your HotSpot users to increase their loyalty and satisfaction.

There're two types of coupons, you can offer discounts from the price of the packages (exact amount or percent), or you can offer more minutes for them, for example they buy a 1 hour access but you can offer 30 more minutes for the same price.

The following attributes can be set for the coupons:

-Coupon code (max. 16 characters, alphabetic only, no spaces or specials) - this is the code that you'll give to your customers
-Valid from and until (this is a date)
-Coupon can be valid for only 1 or for all locations
-Coupon can be valid for credit card transactions or Pre-Paid card transactions only, or both (for Pre-Paid cards you can use bonus minutes of course)
-You can maximize the usage per person (for credit card transactions of course where users have to register)
-You can set the minimum and maximum package price where the coupon can be used with (for example they can use the coupon if they purchase a package for 5 USD or above only)

Users have to enter the coupon code on the order summary page if they pay by credit card or paypal. If they use a Pre-Paid card they can enter the code on the activation page (they can only enter bonus minutes codes of course)

Coupons can be used in the operator's locations only of course *or in 1 location only), not in the whole system.

The system is under beta testing and soon be available from the Operator Area.
If you'd like to offer coupons for your customers now, just send us the codes with all the details above and we'll create it for you.

After you have a code, you can send it to your users via email for example, after extracting their email addresses from the transactions menu.

If you have questions, just write to us via the Help Desk.