Sunday, October 28, 2007

Operator News


You can now create HotSpots over cellular networks with our HotSpot In Motion Product.
We teamed up with Moovera Networks, manufacturers of industrial-strength wireless communications products that bridge Wi-Fi access with carrier-class networks including WiMAX, TD-CDMA, HC-SDMA and 3G UMTS/HSPA.

You can now create Wi-Fi HotSpot in those locations where broadband connection is not available, or in public transports, buses, trains, etc.

Moovera's product line have native support, built in. Operators just have to type in their username and location ID into the router's admin interface. No firmware upgrade or configuration is required.

We'll post a press release about this next week, until then you can visit this page for more information:
HotSpot In Motion


Dayligh saving time has changed recently in many countries, so if your country was affected, don't forget to check your location's DST settings in the Operator Area > HotSpot Locations > Click on a location > Modify Location.

If you have multiple locations in the same time zone, you just have to adjust one location, others will change automatically.

You can also set your operator's time zone DST setting in the Settings menu.


Many of you are offering 5 minute free trials to their customers. This is a great feature but it is effective only in those cases where long access periods are offered to the customers.

We've found out that in a lot of cases coversions are too low, or it doesn't covert at all. A lot of customers are using the 5 minute trial, then they don't purchase. 5 minute is enough to check a website or check the emails. Furthermore, advanced users can modiy their MAC addresses and can use another 5 minute trial (we've seen this in some cases).

We strongly suggest that you use the 5 minute trial only if you see they are converting well enough. You can check your transactions and analyze them.

We have disabled the 5 minute trial temporarly to see if there's any effect to the conversions.


A major server upgrade is coming next week. We'll let you know the exact date and time of the upgrade.