Friday, March 7, 2008

Changes regarding the Custom Packages

When you've created a custom package, there were some optional parameters, like download/upload bandwidth/traffic limits. If you haven't set any limits, then the limits were set to unlimited.

We've found out that in most cases it's not recommended to set the bandwidth limits to unlimited, because with multiple users, for example if one user is uploading large files, it would slow down the other users' speeds dramatically.

There's an option now in the package creation page, where you can select 'Use location's default' (this is cheked by default when you create a package). This means that if a user buys this package, the location's default limits would be assigned to it (which you can set for each locations at 'HotSpot Locations' > Click on the location > 'Modify Hotspot Data').

If you're using Custom Packages please review your packages to ensure that you have set the correct limits. For reviewing your package listing, just go to 'HotSpot Locations' > click on name, and see what limits are used by your packages under 'Hotspot Packages'.

If you're using the Default Packages, then there're no changes, default packages will use the default limits which you can set at 'HotSpot Locations' > Click on the location > 'Modify Hotspot Data'.