Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DD-WRT v24 Compatibility (UPDATED)

DD-WRT v24 final came out a few days ago ( click here for binary downloads ). Our Hotspot System is fully compatible with v24, so if you'd like to use this firmware to create your Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to do the following:

The installation can be done the same way as v23, via the automatic command. If you upgrade from the original LinkSys firmware, it is recommended to upgrade it with the NoKaid firmware. Other option is to upgrade it with the mini, then the NoKaid/Standard.

After that your Hotspot router will be working perfectly, including the Router Alert feature. If you have already installed/upgraded to v24, then Reset the router to Factory Defaults, then run the command again.

It is now recommended to upgrade to v24 if you used v23 before as this release is much stable, especially when you have lots of Wi-Fi hotspot users connecting simultaneously to the router.

Note: After you run the command, be sure that DHCP Interface is set to "WLAN" in the Services > Hotspot menu.