Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Support for your Hotspot users

Some changes has been made related to the support for your Wi-Fi Hotspot users.

When it comes to support, your hotspot users have the following alternatives:

1. They can contact you directly using the location's contact details you've provided for the location.
2. They can use the online form. The content of the form is sent to us (Hotspot System Staff) AND your contact email additionally (this is a new feature).
3. They can contact us using our standard Help Desk, or phone and fax numbers.

The reason why we send the form to you too is that there are several tasks that have to be handled by the Operator (f.e. the user cannot connect to the router, has low signal problems, need a tax invoice, etc.), and there are others that have to be handled by us (f.e. the user paid twice by accident and needs a refund, or cannot login because of mistyping the username or password, etc.