Monday, June 9, 2008

Router Alert Support for WDS Routers

If you're using WDS to extend your Hotspot coverage, you can now get life signals from your WDS Router. This method is working only if you run Chillispot on both routers and if you've ran the same location's command on both routers (if you're using a different location on the WDS Router, the Router Alert function will work automatically).

To get the Router Alert function working for your WDS Router, you have to do the following:

1. Add '_wds' to the Radius NAS ID. So if the Radius NAS ID was 'operator', then modify it to 'operator_wds'. If it was 'operator_2', then modify it to 'operator_2_wds'. If you are using multiple WDS routers, you can add a number to it, so it will be 'operator_wds_2' or 'operator_2_wds_2'. (Administration/Hotspot or Services/Hotspot > Chillispot tab on the router's admin panel)

2. You have to turn off the SPI Firewall on the routers (Security tab on the router's admin panel)