Monday, June 16, 2008

Usage Report: New Feature in the Operator Area

There is another new feature for Operators and Secondary Operators, which is called: Usage Report.

Now you can see the traffic on your routers within a period which you can define.
You can break down by days or months, or by users.

It'll be interesting to see which user generated the most traffic, what were the busiest days or months, or - if you're using multiple locations - you can see what location generated the most traffic.

Please note that usage statistics are just approximate, the real usage can be different.
What the script does is to count sessions (every time a user logs in, a new session will be generated), which were started between the dates you select. For example if you select 2008-06-01 as a start date, it will count all users who logged in after 2008-06-01 00:00:00. It won't count those sessions that were started before this date, even if the user actually logged out after the start date. The same is true for the end date.