Thursday, August 7, 2008

Improved DD-WRT v24 Support

Due to the increased popularity of DD-WRT v24, we are now offering improved support for this new firmware.

We've updated the installation video and instructions, and we're now suggesting every operators to use the new v24 SP1 firmware release.

Upgrading the firmware to DD-WRT v24 SP1 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all hotspot operators with high traffic locations (for locations that often have 5 or more simultaneous users logged in to the hotspot). We've found out that the new firmware is much more stable than v23 SP2 under these circumstances.

DD-WRT v24 also offers more features, includes a traffic grapher, support for multiple SSID's and more.

The setup script is now fully compatible with v24, there is no need to manually set anything after running the setup script.

Also, you can set a few options for the setup script, which are the following:

Firmware version: v24 or v23 (for those who still want to setup the router with DD-WRT v23)

Router's internal IP: You can change the subnet here. Default is, but we found out that there are situations, where you'd like to install multiple routers on the same network, so changing the subnet before installation will avoid IP conflicts.

Setup Type: You can now select if the router is the single/first router at the location, or you're using a second, third, etc. via WDS. That way you'll get the Router Alert working for all your routers.

You can find these options in the Operator Area, above the setup command for a location. Changing any settings will automatically update the setup command, so you can copy+paste it to the router's command box via a very simply way.