Friday, August 8, 2008

Different versions of DD-WRT v24

There are 4 different DD-WRT v24 firmware versions that are compatible with our system:

STANDARD - Standard version contains the following modules: Chillispot, JFFS2, kaid, MMC/SD Card Support, PPTP/PPTP Client, radvd, RFlow, Samba/CIFS client, SNMP, SSH, UPnP, Wiviz.

NOKAID - All features from Standard except KAI (Kai Console Gaming). USE THIS FIRMWARE IF YOU UPGRADE DIRECTLY FROM LIKSYS FIRMWARE, because it is 300 Kb less, than the standard version, so you can upgrade directly.

MEGA - Standard features, plus OpenVPN and SIPatH. This firmware can only be used in devices which contain at least 64 MB ROM (WRT54GL contains 32 MB only).

SPECIAL - Special version of DD-WRT has extended QoS capabilities: set maximum bandwidth available per netmask/MAC address (even for different vlans), set a default rule for any unconfigured netmask/MAC address. Special version is a paid version of DD-WRT.

For more information you can visit DD-WRT Version Info page.