Thursday, August 14, 2008

Voucher System

We proudly present a brand new feature in the Operator Area: the Voucher System.

With this system you can create and print high quality Vouchers from the Operator Area. You can also use the system to see all of your vouchers that were generated, you can find out which is valid and which was activated. You can also export the codes in CSV format so you can import the data to somewhere else. For example if you need to print the codes on to a receipt, you can import the codes to your database and print the codes from there.

If you want to print the Vouchers, the system creates high quality PDF files which you can print on plain papers or Avery Business cards. You can choose from different background color options and you can also use your own background.

We will update the documentation for this soon, and there will also be a FAQ for the Voucher System.

Until then feel free to try the new system (you can find it in the menu of the Operator Area) and let us know if you have questions or problems. If you haven't used the Pre-Paid card options yet, it is now time to order some codes via the Wi-Fi Shop. Be sure to send us the Price Definition Appendix first so we can set the prices in the system.