Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing Hotspot Splash: a free service from

12th, March 2010 - Introducing Hotspot SPLASH

Hotspot SPLASH is for those who want to offer a Free Wi-Fi service (in a café, tourist attraction, airport, etc), but want to show a splash page first where users are forwarded before they can use the internet. There are several reasons why Hotspot Operators want to do that:

- they want to show a specialized page of the place (tourist information, daily menus, etc)
- they want to show advertisements to users
- they have special terms which users have to accept before they can use the internet

Hotspot SPLASH Features:

- There is no need to enter any username or password for the users to log in to the hotspot. Users have to click on the continue button and access is granted automatically.
- You can set a time interval and/or a traffic limit which is allowed for the user to browse the internet. After this, the user will be forwarded back to your splash page.
- You can set the bandwidth limits for users.
- The landing page can be fully customized, but you can use our existing built-in Skins as a base.
- You can track the usage of each MAC address in the Control Center.

Pricing: the service is currently free. In the future you may have to pay a small monthly fee for high traffic locations (over 1000 accesses/month).

More features will be added for this service soon. It would be great to hear your feedback about the Hotspot SPLASH service. What options would you like to see in the future?