Monday, March 5, 2012


Support between you and your customers is an important thing to maintain the quality of your service. Therefore we have revised this area and introducing a new feature in the Control Center called "Customer Tickets".

Before today customers could fill out an online form from your splash page, which was sent to you by email. Then you could reply to the user.

This approach has a big disadvantage: if your customers had problems with accessing your hotspot, they couldn't access their mailboxes to read your reply.

With the new ticketing feature, we store tickets and messages in our database and we provide an URL for the customer so he/she can track your answers on your splash page directly. He/she can also reply there or via email (he/she will reply to a generic email address so we can track the message). 

From the operator's view, when a customer sends a message, we inform you via email when a message arrives. Then you can log in to the Control Center and go to Tools & Settings > Customer Tickets where you can read, follow all messages which are listed by case and reply from there.

We will improve this feature further in the following months, we would be glad if you could send your ideas, suggestions on how we could improve this feature further.