Monday, August 6, 2012

Hotspot FREE SOCIAL (Facebook Hotspot) 2.0

We released an improvement version of Hotspot FREE SOCIAL.

If you are offering a simple click-through authentication where users have to accept the terms, you may want to try out Hotspot FREE SOCIAL where you can get more LIKEs to your Facebook Business page in return for giving out Free Wi-Fi acccess.


+ You can get new Likes to your Facebook Page from your splash page directly. Advantages: Page load times and data traffic is significantly less which leads to more conversions.

+ You can get the email address of authenticated Facebook Users

+ You can post a message to your customer's Facebook Wall so you can reach and drive more people to your business

+ Improved for mobile usage (works much better)

WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT AND HOW DOES THIS WORK? You can read all here: Hotspot Free Social: Social Wi-Fi is here!


In the Control Center > Manage > Locations > click on name > Modify Hotspot Data > Social Settings you can set up your hotspot the way you like.

Social WiFi Usage examples, Marketing Tips for Managing your Facebook Page and more: